Military maneuver “trident juncture 2018”: elk test for nato

Playing war, but ecologically: The largest NATO maneuver in 28 years is intended to demonstrate strength – and environmental awareness.

That’s the way to go! Ursula von der Leyen at Camp Rødsmoen Photo: Pascal Beucker

Let no one say that Norway is not serious about environmental protection. The threat is clear: "Anyone who violates Norwegian environmental legislation must expect legal and financial sanctions," warns the Norwegian Ministry of Defense in a brochure entitled "Responsibility for Environmental Protection." Published in six languages, it contains twenty pages of instructions and guidelines that all participants in "Trident Juncture 2018" must strictly observe.


Minimum wages in eu member states: trend tends to rise

According to a study by the trade union-affiliated Bockler Foundation, statutory minimum wages in the EU have risen. Only in Greece was there no increase.

Compared to other Western European countries, Germany pays a relatively low minimum wage Photo: dpa

According to a study, statutory minimum wages in the EU have recently risen sharply on average. 21 of the total of 22 EU states that have a general statutory minimum wage increased it on Jan. 1, 2017, or within 2016, according to the new minimum wage report by the trade union-affiliated Hans Bockler Foundation, which was published in Dusseldorf on Tuesday. Only in Greece there was no increase because of the requirements of the Troika.


Military report on violence against rohingya: army denies allegations.

Burma’s army has investigated the flight of 600,000 Rohingya to Bangladesh. There had been no violence against civilians.

Rohingya were waiting in the border area with Bangladesh for the opportunity to cross the border, November 2017 Photo: ap

Burma’s military has denied allegations of "ethnic cleansing" and violence against members of the Rohingya Muslim ethnic group. The questioning of an investigation group of the military ("True News Information Team") of 2,817 "Bengalis" inside Burma including the evaluation of 362 confessions had shown that the army had acted according to the rules of engagement and laws and had not used unnecessary violence.


Lampedusa refugees on the sidelines: “we are no longer interested”.

For three years, the group "Lampedusa in Hamburg" has been fighting: It demands a right to stay for humanitarian reasons for all its members – without success.

A contact point for new arrivals, a place for networking: Until further notice, the info tent of the refugee group near Hamburg’s main train station is allowed to stand – but for how long is open. Photo: Miguel Ferraz

Once reported, then forgotten: Time and again, topics fall by the wayside in everyday journalism. With the series "Der zweite Blick" (The Second Look), taz.nord wants to stay tuned to topics that we consider important: Grievances we have criticized, reform ideas and people who have set out to change the world.


Knife murder at school in lunen: too few staff

An eighth-grader stabbed a fellow student in Lunen. There is speculation on the net about the perpetrator. But the more important topic is social work in schools.

Lunen knife murder: debate about origin instead of prevention Photo: dpa

It is a bloody act, committed by a 15-year-old student. What happened shortly after 8 a.m. on Tuesday in the corridors of a comprehensive school in Lunen near Dortmund gives rise to bewilderment and grief, to justified questions – and unfortunately also to nasty speculation.


Sustainable travel: let’s go, but let’s go wisely

How can you travel if you care about the consequences for the climate, the environment and people? The book "FAIRreisen" criticizes trends and shows alternatives.

Where everyone wants to go, it gets crowded. Tourists at the Trevi Fountain in Rome Photo: imago/Pacific Press

In a way, you’ve already thought it: If you seriously want to travel in a climate-friendly way, the only option is a cycling vacation from your own front door or a camping vacation at an eco-camping site, which you can reach by train, coach or carpooling service. But air travel with hotel plus rental car, possibly outside Europe? Or even a cruise?


Musical theater in zurich “sale”: carpet patterns all over

Sale in the shopping mall and in the opera: Christoph Marthaler returns to Zurich. He asks, what is the commodity character of art?

Sale stands in the shop window and plays on stage. Image: dpa

"Sale" is the ubiquitous lure of shopping malls and pedestrian zones. Christoph Marthaler at the Zurich Opera House has now used this shorthand for the permanent sale as the title for his latest evening of musical theater, in which he reflects cryptically on the commodity character of art and depicts the decline of a department store dynasty in images of exquisite dreariness.


Murder of olof palme 34 years ago: a solution that is not a solution

The investigation into the murder of the former head of government has come to an end. But those who hoped for solid evidence are disappointed.

Olof Joachim Palme was murdered in the street on February 28, 1986, after visiting a movie theater Photo: imago

34 years is a long time. 40 percent of the current Swedish population was not even born in 1986. And the fact that there was still a special police commission dealing with the assassination of Olof Palme at all was probably completely unknown to most. But on Wednesday the interest was suddenly there again: At the end of a downright fiasco chain of police investigations, the mystery of who had murdered Sweden’s internationally best-known and most respected politician was to be solved after all.


Human trafficking and forced prostitution: nationwide raid in red-light district

More than 60 apartments and stores were searched in the largest raid ever carried out by the Federal Police. They are investigating sexual exploitation of prostitutes.

Raid in Siegen: police officers lead away several people Photo: dpa

Federal police have been cracking down on organized crime in twelve German states since Wednesday morning with a large-scale raid. The focus is on forged visas, human trafficking, pimping and forced prostitution of Thai women, according to the Federal Police in Stuttgart. The proceedings are with the Prosecutor General’s Office in Frankfurt am Main. Nationwide, well over 1,500 officers are on duty. More than 60 residential and business premises are searched by officers.


Power practice of the future us president: the monarch

Donald Trump’s assumption of office resembles a courtly staging. This is irritating – and unusual for the USA.

Likes it pompous and shows it: Donald Trump (with Japanese Prime Minister Abe) Photo: reuters

The transition of power is always a phase of great symbolism in the United States. With the peaceful transition from one president to another, the United States pays homage to its democratic ideals.